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Mount Vernon News: Centerburg checkbook now online

Mount Vernon News
By Pam Schehl
July 3, 2017

CENTERBURG — The Village of Centerburg, along with more than 1,100 local governments and school districts, has joined Ohio’s online financial reporting system

Village mayor Dave Beck told the News the motivation is to “get information out to residents regarding our financial transactions in a more user-friendly fashion.”

Molly Thompson, deputy clerk, said the entire public can see the village’s spending on the website 24/7, and the information goes back several years.

“There are some neat aspects to the website,” she added. “There are visual enhancements such as charts that show the different categories of spending. That’s really good. It’s a slightly different format, but it does have the same public information that we would print out for people before.”

Thompson said it didn’t take too much extra work to put everything online. She said working with the computer, software and assistance provided by the state Treasurer’s office made it pretty easy to submit the information. She said they had been invited to join in the past, but the process was more complicated and potentially too time-consuming then. It was streamlined this year, so the village logged on.

The village does not get a lot of requests for financial information, Thompson said, although Boy Scouts working on projects have asked for budgets or financial reports in the past. The biggest requests, said Thompson, have come from out-of-state entities (such as that request fiscal data such as budget reports and appropriation information.

“Being on OhioCheckbook. com is a good option for people,” Thompson concluded. “We’re glad we were able to it. It was very easy. We hope others do it. It’s a good thing.”

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