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Treasurer Josh Mandel Announces Launch of the Miami University Checkbook on
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Treasurer Josh Mandel Applauds Unanimous Passing of HB 46 out of House State Government Committee

COLUMBUS – Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel applauded the passage of House Bill 46 out of the House State Government Committee today.  The legislation would require the Ohio Treasurer’s office to publish and maintain an online database of state spending and was passed unanimously. 

Last year, Treasurer Mandel launched, posting all state spending online for the first time in Ohio history. includes more than $408 billion worth of spending over the past seven fiscal years, displaying approximately 112 million transactions and approximately 3.9 billion pieces of spending information. 

Treasurer Mandel and recently earned Ohio the number one transparency ranking in the country by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.  As a direct result of, Ohio climbed from 46th to 1st in spending transparency and received a perfect score of 100 points for access to online expenditures.

House Bill 46, sponsored by Rep. Mike Dovilla (District 7 - Berea) and Rep. Jonathan Dever (District 28 - Cincinnati) would require the Ohio Treasurer to continue to host and publish this fully searchable state agency expenditures database online.

“We are proud to have launched and believe it provides taxpayers a powerful resource to hold their public officials accountable,” said Treasurer Mandel.  “With the passing of HB 46 out of committee, we are one step closer to ensuring future generations of Ohioans have access to this information that has set the bar in national transparency standards.” is part of the Treasurer’s Transparency Project, which was launched by Treasurer Mandel in 2011.  The project builds upon a fully searchable database of state employee salaries, detailed reports of county investments, an interactive state property map and an online archive of Annual Treasurer of State Reports dating back to the early 1800’s.

For more information on the Treasurer’s Transparency Project, please visit our website at


“Kudos to Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for unveiling the best website I’ve seen to easily slice-and-dice how government spends money. is a great tool for journalists and anyone who supports open government in Ohio.  Treasurer Mandel has done a service to all of Ohio with this website, and it’s very important to put into statute that it continues to be maintained into the future.”

- Dennis Hetzel, Executive Director of the Ohio Newspaper Association and President of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government

“Access to state spending online encourages the public to ask questions and government officials to be thrifty.  Ongoing access to this information is important because it reinforces government accountability to taxpayers.”

- Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio

“Efforts like the Ohio Checkbook are critical for the future of transparency in Ohio.  In the long-run, the only way Ohio taxpayers are going to be able to hold government accountable for how it spends their money is to see exactly what the government is doing.  This lies at the heart of what The Buckeye Institute has long pushed for with our own public salary databases.”

- Greg Lawson, The Buckeye Institute

“The Ohio Society of CPAs has long supported increased transparency throughout government. Treasurer Mandel’s online checkbook helps open the books for taxpayers across Ohio and is a step in the right direction when it comes to increasing government transparency.”

- Scott Wiley, President and CEO of the Ohio Society of CPAs

“As an organization that advocates for open government, the Sunlight Foundation finds that when governments put valuable public information online, citizens have greater access to it and can more effectively use it to ensure that government is working in their best interests. By requiring that the state make government expenditure data available online in easily searchable, sortable, and downloadable formats, the expenditure database described in HB 46 represents an important demonstration of state’s interest in being transparent and accountable to its citizens. We very much hope that the legislature will decide to pass this bill.”

- Emily Shaw, Sunlight Foundation


Rep. John Becker (District – 65; Union Township)
Rep. Louis Blessing (District-29; Colerain Township)  
Rep. Terry Boose (District-57; Norwalk)  
Rep. Tim Brown (District-3; Bowling Green)  
Rep. Timothy Derickson (District-53; Hanover Township)  
Rep. Mike Duffey (District-21; Worthington)  
Rep. Cheryl Grossman (District-23; Grove City)  
Rep. Bob Hackett (District-74; London)  
Rep. Steve Hambley (District-69; Brunswick)
Rep. Steve Huffman (District-80; Tipp City)   
Rep. Terry Johnson (District-90; McDermott)  
Rep. Stephanie Kunze (District-24; Hilliard)
Rep. Ron Maag (District-62; Lebanon)  
Rep. Rick Perales (District 73; Beavercreek)  
Rep. Jeff Rezabek (District-43; Clayton)  
Rep. Kristina Roegner (District-37; Hudson)  
Rep. Mark Romanchuk (District-2; Ontario)  
Rep. Tim Schaffer (District-77; Lancaster)  
Rep. Gary Scherer (District-92; Circleville) 
Rep. Martin Sweeney (District-14; Cleveland) 
Rep. Andrew Thompson (District-95; Marietta)  
Rep. Nino Vitale (District-85; Urbana)  
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (District-54; Mason)  


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