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Treasurer Josh Mandel Celebrates National Financial Literacy Month

Press Release - Ohio Treasurer's Office

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Treasurer’s office is proud to celebrate the start of National Financial Literacy Month today at the Entrepreneurship Preparatory School in Cleveland, Ohio.  This event is part of Treasurer Josh Mandel’s continuing efforts to raise awareness on the importance of financial wellness and provide tools and resources to help citizens across Ohio make sound financial decisions.

This year, the Treasurer’s office has been visiting the Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E-Prep) once a month to discuss financial literacy topics with 7th and 8th grade students.  Topics have included budgeting, consumerism and banking basics to demonstrate and encourage smart financial habits in Ohio’s youth.  The Treasurer’s office will formally ‘kick-off’ April Financial Literacy Month with a lesson to an E-Prep 8th grade class. 

Throughout the month of April, the Treasurer’s office will partner with local organizations, schools and libraries across Ohio to emphasize the importance of financial wellness.  As part of this initiative, the Treasurer’s office will recognize outstanding statewide educators that have demonstrated a commitment to financial education in their schools and communities.  These educators play a vital role in helping prepare Ohio’s youth to positively contribute to Ohio’s economic future. 

“As Treasurer, my goal is to help create a solid financial foundation for Ohioans,” said Treasurer Mandel. “Whatever the next steps may be – graduating, starting a career, transitioning from the military or saving for retirement – it is important all Ohioans have the resources they need to manage their finances and better plan for the future.”

Ongoing financial literacy programs presented by the Treasurer’s office offers include:

  • Smart Money Choices – ‘Smart Money Choices’ provides Ohioans with the opportunity to hear from money management experts on a variety of topics to help them make informed and knowledgeable financial decisions.  This series is offered free for all Ohioans and is supported by a variety of statewide and regional partners.
  • Military Financial Literacy Workshops – The Treasurer’s office offers Military and Veteran Financial Literacy Workshops for Ohio’s service members and their families.  Key topics in the series include local benefits and financial assistance, budgeting, credit and debt management, investments, identify theft and fraud prevention.  Additional topics covered include homeownership, retirement, estate planning and Social Security. 
  • Financial EDge –The Treasurer’s ‘Financial EDge’ initiative provides a suite of free resources to assist teachers in meeting new financial education requirements that became effective with the graduating class of 2014.  This toolkit includes a wide variety of print and online materials in partnership with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and the EverFi ‘Financial Literacy Technology Platform’ in partnership with the Ohio Bankers League.  Dozens of free, interactive tools are available at  
  • Real Money Real World – As part of the Treasurer’s ‘Financial EDge’ resource-kit, ‘Real Money Real World’ (RMRW) is an interactive budget simulation facilitated in partnership with The Ohio State University Extension that aims to prepare youth for their financial futures.  In the RMRW budget simulation, students are assigned spouses/children, occupations and a monthly salary which they must manage to provide for their families.  Students are then dealt various financial obligations similar to those they will face as adults, requiring tough decisions and encouraging thoughtful discussion on how best to prioritize financial responsibilities. 

In March 2004, the United States Senate passed a resolution officially declaring April ‘National Financial Literacy Month.’  This initiative, celebrated by financial institutions and organizations across the country, is designed to highlight the importance of financial education and provide Americans the resources and knowledge to establish and maintain smart financial habits.  

For more information on the Treasurer’s Financial Literacy initiatives, please visit our website at


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