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Medina Post: Medina schools put financial info on state website

Medina Post
By Allison Wood
November 9, 2015 

MEDINA – Medina City Schools is the first government agency in the county to go live with placing financial information on, a website run by the state treasurer's office.

"It's all about empowering everyday citizens," said State Treasurer Josh Mandel during a Nov. 6 event at the board office. "Medina City School District has chosen to be a leader. They should be applauded."

The site includes extensive information on state government finances, with local government entities signing up gradually, which include cities, townships, school districts and library districts.

Information on the site includes checks written by the district along with a breakdown of spending by area. The data goes back to the 2010-11 school year for a total of nearly $500 million and 308,000 transactions, which Mandel said is much more than most entities have provided so far.

Superintendent Dave Knight said he wanted to thank Board Member Rob Skidmore for first bringing up the site and expressing interest in the district's participation.

"I've always believed Medina City Schools have been open, we welcome the opportunity to be more open," Knight said. "This is the best way I know of for people to look at our costs, think about the services we provide and then be proud that they are a Medina Bee."

Mandel said districts upload the information using software called USAS used by all school districts statewide. District Treasurer David Chambers has been responsible for transferring the information so far.

The latest check from the district is Sept. 30. Mandel said districts can update onto the site as often as monthly, with Knight adding they are unsure how often they will upload data.

Mandel added the treasurer's office pays for the costs of the site and doesn't cost districts anything.

In The Post's coverage area, North Royalton City Schools has a presence on the site. Brunswick Schools agreed in July to participate, but information is yet to go live on the site.

Medina schools is the 121st entity statewide to post on the site and the 36th school district. There are about 4,000 local government entities statewide.

To look up Medina City Schools, go to and look for "Medina City" under school districts.

More recent checks issued by the district can also be found on the district's Board Docs site at by clicking on the most recent board meeting date and looking for the financial report.


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