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SMC Additional Resources


In addition to the Treasurer’s office signature resources, the following is a list of additional resources that provide hands on learning opportunities and tips and information for Ohioans of any age.


Fifth Third’s Lives Empowered Through Financial Empowerment (LIFE)

Fifth Third's L.I.F.E. programs deliver financial education to people at all ages and stages of life.  Their adult programs include Fifth Third Bank Financial Empowerment Mobiles, 40-foot buses transformed into mobile classrooms on wheels that travel to under-served communities providing access to quality financial services and education about money management, and Empower U®, a financial education program taught to employees of Fifth Third Bank clients and in the community.


Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free.

Practical Money Skills

To help consumers of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance, Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions to develop the Practical Money Skills program. At practicalmoneyskills.com and whatsmyscore.org, consumers, educators, parents, students and policymakers can access free educational resources, including personal finance articles, games and lesson plans.


Smart About Money

Smart About Money is a consumer site that helps people make sound financial decisions throughout life’s ups and downs. The site provides practical articles, worksheets, tips, and other valuable resources to help people understand and manage money.  


This website allows users to upload and view videos and join online conversations with other site users about how much money they have wasted and how it could have been put to better use. Spendster includes polls, tips, and resources for consumers.  


CashCourse provides financial education resources for university administrators and college students.   CashCourse helps students build money management skills, survive in a tough economy and prepare for success.  

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

FDIC provides many resources to educate and protect consumers.  Topics include banking basics, safe internet banking and identifying consumer scams.  

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation’s consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace.

Hands On Banking

Hands On Banking is a free, fun financial education program that presents the basics of smart money management in an easy-to-use format. Topics include budgeting, the importance of saving, bank accounts, borrowing money and establishing credit, investing and more. Instructional resources are available for a variety of target audiences.

The Mint

The Mint provides tips and tools to assist parents with teaching children how to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits.


MoneyWi$e, a national financial literacy partnership of Consumer Action and Capital One, combines free, multilingual financial education materials, curricula and teaching aids with regional meetings and roundtables to train community-based organization staff so that consumers at all income levels and walks of life can be reached.

U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center

This website allows you to research the cost of higher education including tuition, fees and living expenses.

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