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      Frequently Asked Questions About Debt
      History of the Ohio Sinking Fund Commission
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  Bond Programs
      Major New State Infrastructure (GARVEE) Program
      Highway Capital Improvements
      Parks & Recreation Improvement Fund
      Cultural and Sports Facilities Building Fund
      Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund
      Mental Health Facilities Improvement Fund
      Buckeye Savers
      Administrative Building Fund
      Adult Correctional Building Fund
      Juvenile Correctional Building Fund
      Highway Safety Building Fund
      Board of Regents Community and Technical College Credit Enhancement
      Transportation Building Fund
  Financial Reports
      Chapter 154 Annual Report
      Commissioners of the Sinking Fund Semi-Annual Report
  Other Ohio Issuers
      Ohio Public Facilities Commission
      Ohio Turnpike Commission
      Ohio Housing Finance Agency
      Ohio Water Development Authority
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      State of Ohio Web Portal
      Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
      State of Ohio Ratings
      Ohio Debt and Interest Rate Risk Management Policy
      Ohio Office of Budget and Management
      Ohio Office of Budget and Management -- Bonds and Debt Management
      Buckeye Tobacco Settlement Financing Authority (BTSFA)
      Ohio Municipal Advisory Council
      Arbitrage Policies and Procedures
  Municipal Bond Resources
  Municipal Bonds 101
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