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Daily Ledger report for Tuesday, April 18, 2017

                                         JOSH MANDEL
                                      TREASURER OF STATE
                                         STATE OF OHIO

                             DAILY LEDGER REPORT OF STATE FUNDS

TO: The Honorable John Kasich
    Governor of Ohio
        Pursuant to the Revised Code Section 113.13, the following daily ledger
        report for the 18th day of April, 2017 is hereby submitted.

Previous Balance                                    $  9,955,640,740.75
Revenue                                                  210,589,686.54
         Subtotal                                     10,166,230,427.29
Disbursement                                             (99,693,434.77)
Ending Balance                                      $ 10,066,536,992.52
Cash On Hand                                        $        361,954.68
Active Deposits                                         (105,332,471.28)
Due From Custodial Accounts                                     (121.00)
Miscellaneous Transactions                                   234,747.54
         Total Cash and Miscellaneous Items             (104,735,890.06)
Special Purpose Investments                              168,756,468.31
Interim Deposits-Regular Non Special Purpose           9,709,645,046.27
Interim Deposits-Structured                              292,871,368.00
         Total Investments                            10,171,272,882.58
         Total                                      $ 10,066,536,992.52