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GrowNOW is a program provided by the State Treasurer's office for small business owners. Small businesses that can commit to creating or retaining jobs in Ohio can receive a two-year, 3% interest rate reduction on new or existing loans.

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What does the State Treasurer offer to help small businesses in Ohio?
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ECO-Link is a partnership between the State Treasurer of Ohio and participating state banks that provides a 3% interest  rate reduction for five or seven years on  bank loans when completing  energy-efficient upgrades in your home. Through this program, ECO-Link invests in Ohio’s environment and communities while fostering economic growth. The maximum loan amount the interest rate reduction can be applied to is $50,000. A homeowner can opt for a seven-year rate reduction if the loan is for more than $25,000.  

eco-link brochureWeatherization projects may reduce energy bills while adding value and comfort to your home.  Additionally, most improvements are also eligible for federal tax credits and rebates, as well as utility companies’ incentive programs, which add to your potential savings.  ECO-Link provides a money-saving tool for Ohioans while supporting a green economy.

ECO-Link is not a loan from the Treasurer’s office to the homeowner but rather a strategic investment with lenders to spur energy conservation, a cleaner environment and a healthy state economy.  Here is how the program works:
  1. The Treasury purchases an investment with a participating bank at a discounted rate on behalf of the homeowner participating in ECO-Link
  2. The lender then passes along the discounted savings to the homeowner as a 3% interest rate reduction of for five or seven years on an eligible bank loan
  3. Through the life of the loan, the customer pays the bank and the bank then returns the investment to the Treasury at maturity
  • ECO-Link provides reduced rate financing for Ohio homeowners who complete weatherization or energy- efficient improvements in their homes
  • Decreased energy use
  • Increase the comfort inside your home
  • Take advantage of federal tax credits and rebates as well as incentives offered by many local utility companies
Paper?PDF Application available: Download Here
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