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Through Ohio Treasury's Renew & Rebuild Ohio linked deposit program, small business owners, farmers, and homeowners affected by the floods and severe weather are now eligible to receive interest rate reductions on loans.

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How can the Treasurer help me repair my home or business from severe weather damage?
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Treasurer Josh Mandel Announces Launch of Hamilton County Local Government and School Checkbooks on
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Many Ohioans lack a savings safety net for life's unexpected events and expenses. The SaveNOW program is an easy and rewarding way to start building your savings and gain financial education.

What is SaveNOW?

SaveNOW is a linked deposit program from the Ohio Treasurer’s office, which offers an opportunity to build a savings safety net through an annual 3% interest-rate bonus on eligible savings accounts for up to two consecutive years. The Ohio Treasury partners with participating banks to offer Ohioans this program.

Savers enrolled in SaveNOW will receive an annual 3% interest-rate bonus on the account’s average daily balance of up to $5,000, for up to a two year time period.

Each applicant who opens a SaveNOW account will be enrolled for two years, back-to-back. Savers are required to complete an initial financial education survey when applying.  SaveNOW participants will also receive a welcome letter from the Treasury and financial education newsletters, as part of the SaveNOW financial education program. At the end of the second year opening an account, the participant will receive a final financial education survey to assist the Saver in evaluating savings progress and to gauge the effectiveness of the SaveNOW education program.

SaveNOW has savers in 76 out of 88 counties throughout Ohio. Start today, don’t delay. To enroll in SaveNOW, please complete an application and initial financial education survey when opening your SaveNOW savings account at one of our participating banks.


SaveNOW encourages Ohioans to save a portion of their income, and rewards them for doing it. More importantly, the program increases financial literacy by providing Ohioans access to relevant guidance and education.

It is important for Ohioans to build financial plan that includes having resources when the unexpected happens. Preparing for the unexpected improves savers’ financial security and bolsters the state’s financial health.
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